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Church & Preschool Office: (864) 967-3071
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Hours:  Monday-Thursday  8:30 am-5 pm
Fridays  8:30 am-2 pm


Staff Directory:  

356Rev. Joel R. Jones
Senior Minister
Extension #201





Michelle Cockcroft

Rev. Michelle Cockcroft
Associate Pastor
Extension #202





Rev. George Riser
Director of Congregational Care
Extension #204





359Rev. Deana Gentry
Director of Children’s Ministry
Extension #205





360Elaine Owens
Director Music Ministry
Extension #206





169Karen Smith
Administrative Manager
Extension #208





362Nancy Hill
Church Secretary
Extension #207





363Cindy Henderson
Preschool Director
Extension #209





Beverly Stabler

Beverly Stabler






Ann BenjaminAnn Benjamin